The Philippines as an ASEAN cultural powerhouse

ManilArt, the national art fair, celebrates its 9th year by showcasing the country’s contribution to arts and culture in the region with the theme “The Philippines as an ASEAN Cultural Powerhouse”. Resulting from a tumultuous past of diverse foreign influences, the country’s rich history has shaped its  distinct culture and artistic flavor. From the indigenous, Muslim and Catholic traditions, to those with European influences, Modernism and contemporary slant, a broad range of works can be seen in this year’s exhibition. The show serves to highlight the country’s wealth of creativity in the visual arts and how it contributes significantly to expanding the artistic frontiers of the region


Together with the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA), and with the support of top local and international fine art galleries, ManilArt showcases works of vibrant new and upcoming talents, as well as iconic masters of the Philippine art scene. Echoing the rich cultural assertion of Filipinos complemented by international artists’ presentation, the fair is sure to captivate and engage the youth, the educators, the critics, young and seasoned collectors alike, art vanguards and the quad-media.


On its ninth year, ManilArt continues its mission of promoting the creative genius of Filipino artists and the professionalism of bonafide art galleries from all around the country. With the substantial following of Filipino talent abroad, ManilArt amplifies its presence internationally by showing selected works in digital space as part of the international community of art galleries.


The growing enthusiasm of ManilArt’s fair visitors is always an inspiration for coming up with activities that engage the public. Demonstration on mosaic making, digital background painting, capturing dance movement in painting by well known artists, lecture on Mindanao art and the art appreciation walking tours are all available to enhance the fair-goers’ visiting experience.


ManilArt 2017 is co-presented with the Bonafide Art Galleries Organization (BAGO) and the ManilArt Foundation, Incorporated (MAFI).

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Manilart’s 9th year exhibition is participated by selected 37 bonafide galleries that will showcase the unique artistic talent of Filipinos.

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Oct 12, Thursday

VIP Buyers

Preview and Invitational Gala

Oct 13, Friday
11am to 9pm


Vivianna Ricelli Workshop on Figurative Painting of Live Dance (Pre-registration required)

2pm to 7pm

Workshop Area

Taverne Gutenberg International Residency Guest Artists Henri Lamy, Alexandre Beretta, Chufy, Abdul Khadre Seck et cie Live Mural Painting Performance and Auction

Art Appreciation Walking Tours (Pre-registration required)


Oct 14, Saturday
1pm to 4pm


Artist' Talk (Invitational)

2pm to 5pm

Workshop Area

Roberto Lolong
Art Workshop for the Youth

5pm to 9pm


Lisa Guerrero Nakpil
Fortun Narvasa & Salazar
Private Function (Invitational)

6pm to 9pm

Center Podium Main Hall

Art Band Live Performance

Art Appreciation Walking Tours (Walk-in registration)


Oct 15, Sunday
1.00pm to 4.00pm

Manilart Lounge

Lisa De Leon-Zayco
Mosaic Art Demo

2.00pm to 5.00pm

Center Podium Main Hall

Artists' Live Sketching Session



Video credits to Rappler and YouTube




By Rey Mudjahid “Kublai” Ponce Millan


The title is a play in sound of the more familiar “piece of pie” to the more profound “peace of pie”.


It is so named to make the seemingly elusive and unattainable become familiar and within grasp and appreciation.


Peace of Pie is a giant painting measuring 16 feet at its longest made up of eight pieces.


While seemingly divided, the painting is in fact one whole piece telling different stories yet contributing to one aspiration — Peace — sewed together as one narrative by the Sarimanok, the Maranao mythical bird, at the center of it all.


While there are several myths about and around the Sarimanok, just like the narrative on peace, the uniting thread of its story is its mystique and sacredness, an aspiration for the divine, a deep longing for spirituality and understanding the message of the higher realms.


The Peace of Pie is surrounded by small sculptures of us, the children, and those who lived before us; the wealthy, the rulers, and the masses, standing guard over the pieces of Peace. The small sculptures are our ancestors’, our children’s, and our own stake in all this — the realities of today, the narratives of both the deep and recent past, and the Divine that guides us all.


The piece calls us to meditate on KALIPAYAPAAN, the over-all theme of Kublai’s body of works in Manila Art 2017. Kalipay, meaning joy. Kapayapaan, meaning peace.


Let’s all come together to contemplate on the message of the Sarimanok, which for the Maranaos is also the messenger of the Divine.


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