Ten Years of Artistic Excellence

ManilArt proudly celebrates its first decade as the country’s national art fair. Our theme for this most-anticipated 10th year is “Ang ARTe ng Pilipinas”: the Filipino has always had a natural propensity for creativity, from making art that preserves the stories of a community, to art that challenges known boundaries. This tenth year, we celebrate those who have answered this innate call to be creators, as well as those who have continually supported these local creators.

As art is interwoven into the fabric of Filipino life, it is only fitting to celebrate art for all; ManilArt features living masters of Philippine art alongside up-and-coming artists. The doors are open to all: art enthusiasts, collectors, students, practitioners and educators. Everyone is invited to join in the activities [See Calendar].

What ManilArt showcases is ultimately a part of our cultural heritage and our national art consciousness at large. ManilArt strongly encourages its exhibitors to practice curation that represents the Philippines as a whole, contributing to our national identity and uplifting our Filipino talents to the global stage.

Museum & Galleries

Participating in this year’s event

Manilart’s 10th year exhibition is participated by selected bonafide galleries.

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Making all this possible

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You can reserve a ticket online at ticketbooth.ph.